Wholesale Orders

We are proud to be working with designers and tutors using our hand-dyed silk ribbons in their work. We have a number of options for ordering our ribbons in wholesale quantities at trade prices available for qualified buyers.

Option 1: Ordering skeins in bulk

We can offer a discount to retail price of skeins from our range of hand-dyed silk ribbons depending on the volume of the order. Pease note that a minimum of 5 skeins of the same colour and width must be orderd to quality for discount. Minimum order amount is £50.

Option 2: Ordering ribbon in hanks

We can also offer any ribbons from our range of hand-dyed silk ribbons in 100m hanks at a competitive price per meter. At least 3 hanks must be ordered, but this could be all different colours and widths.

Additional Requirements

Wholesale buyers must have a legitimate business of craft-related nature. Payments for wholesale orders must be made directly into our UK bank account.

How to Order

Please contact us by writing an email to info@heartycraft.com and let us know about your requirements.

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