Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to most commonly asked questions about our product range.

Is your ribbon 100% natural silk?

Absolutely. Our ribbon is weaved in Japan from natural taffeta silk. You will notice that the ribbons are very delicate and lightweight unlike atlas or satin ribbon. We use special eco-friendly commercial textile dyes that only work on natural silk, which allows us to achieve such life-like natural colours.

How to look after your silk ribbon?

We recommend pressing the ribbon with warm iron before putting it in use, as it makes it shiner and also more durable. Store ribbon away from the direct sun light, as it may fade with prolonged exposure to the Sun. The same applies to finished artwork -- do not expose it to direct sun light for prolonged period of time.

Is your ribbon colourfast? Can I wash it?

The dyes we use are colourfast. However, please be advised that some shades might run a little if you wash your finished embroidered piece, because there could be excess dye left on the ribbon that had not been completely washed off during the dyeing process.

If you plan to wash your stitching afterwards, it is a good idea to prewash the ribbon to be sure no excess dye left. Rest assured, prewashing the ribbon will not make it paler or duller in colour. In order to to so, hand-wash the ribbon gently in warm water to remove excess of dye, and do not use any softening fabric conditioners. Once washed, do not leave the ribbon to dry crumpled, as it will cause deep creases. Instead hang or lay the ribbon on a flat surface.

Can you guarantee consistent colours?

We use high-precision measurement equipment and temperature-controlled processes to make the colours as repeatable as possible. Also please note as the ribbons are hand-dyed in small batches, each skein is individual in terms of how dyes are applied and overall may show slight shade differences from dye lot to dye lot. If you are considering buying ribbon for a large project, it is our recommendation to order total required amount at one time so your ribbon would definitely come from the same dye lot and would have the same colour variation.

That aside, please bear in mind, that real ribbon colour may differ a little to what you see on your monitor, especially in artificicial light. This is due to differences in monitor settings.

I cannot find the colour I have in mind, what can I do?

Please consider looking at our solid-coloured ribbon range, which compliments hand-dyed ribbons. You may be able to achieve desired effect by combining solid-colour and variegated ribbons in your artwork. We can also create custom-made colours for your needs -- please have a look at this page for further details.

Where can I learn more about silk ribbon embroidery?

Please take a look at how-to section in our companion blog on this website, where you can find a number of informative posts on various aspects of silk ribbon embroidery, as well as a selection of free tutorials.

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