Custom Dyed Silk Ribbon

If you are looking for a colour you could not find in our palette, please bear in mind that we offer bespoke dyeing service as well. That is we can dye silk ribbons practically in any colour you can think of. It can be a solid colour or a variegated shade. You can also order a multi-coloured ribbon. We offer any of those widths to choose from: 2 mm (1/16”), 4 mm (1/8”), 7 mm (1/4”), or 13 mm (1/2”). The minimum order is 100 meters per colour and ribbon width. The dyed ribbon can be winded and sent to you on a reel or it can be cut in required pieces. Just let us know how long those pieces should be. Our regular turn-around time is about five business days. If you want to obtain a proof of colour before we dye the whole batch it takes about ten business days to fulfil the order. The proof of colour is the piece of ribbon that we send you for an approval. To mix dyes in order to get a required colour, we will ask you for physical swatches of colours to dye ribbons in. Reasonably sized piece of fabric, paper, or card is good enough; however it must be larger than 2 cm x 3 cm.

Please feel free to contacts us to discuss your ideas and get a quote. Use a contract form on the website or direct email

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