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Free Tutorial. Fly Stitch with Silk Ribbon

Fly stitch is absolutely fabulous for embroidering leaves and feathers. It is quick, easy and very effective. You can stitch leaves of different shapes, and you can use just one colour or change your ribbon half way onto another colour to get more colour variation.

Here is an example I stitched with 2mm-wide silk ribbon. I used Spruce ribbon for the tip of the leaf, and Teal Green as I moved from the middle of the leaf to its base.

Fly Stitch. Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial

Fly Stitch. Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial

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Free Tutorial. Cherry Blossom Stitched with a Ribbon Side Stitch

I’m totally in love with my new textile postcard. I’m still not sure if it’s a cherry or an apple blossom. First I thought it’s an apple, but pink stamens made me a bit suspicious and now it looks more like a cherry for me. Anyway, flowers of both species are similar in shape and it’s the same way to go about stitching them. I used my favourite silk ribbon embroidery technique to brighten up the print.

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How to stitch daffodils with silk ribbon

Britain is in daffodil bloom and even in my shady garden the flowers have opened. I have not met a person who doesn’t love daffodils. They are pure sun and its so much joy to walk past yellow flower carpets. Daffodils are truly messengers of spring, and when I see their strong stems and leaves that show over ground, I know Spring is almost here, and the most beautiful season of bloom is ready to come.

Daffodils silk ribbon embroidery

Here is a tutorial on how to easily embroider beautiful daffodils with silk ribbons. The tutorial is well suitable for those who have not tried silk ribbon embroidery before, and want to give it a go.

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Valentine Card Stitched with Silk Ribbons

Thinking of February it’s hard not to think about Valentine day and hearts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Valentine card embroidered with silk ribbons, and I thought it would be an interesting challenge to design one. I love such sort of challenges when there’s a need to create something for a specific occasion using specific techniques and materials. It gives my brain an exercise as it’s not an easy task to make a nice design that doesn’t take lots of materials, time, and effort when someone makes one trying to follow a tutorial afterwards. So… I hope you like it and if you haven’t yet tried stitching on a piece of card, this is a perfect opportunity to give it a go 🙂

Valentine card silk ribbon embroidery

Making an unusual Valentine’s day card

To make a card like this, you’ll need:

  1. A4 sheet of photo paper. Choose one that is thick enough to make a card (260gsm will be good) with satin finish. I bought mine from Ryman. Make sure you get photo paper, not just card, as colours will look dull on normal card;
  2. 4mm wide Citrus, 7mm wide Deep Carmine, and 2mm wide Hydrangea hand-dyed silk ribbons;
  3. sewing or embroidery floss in red;
  4. embroidery needle to stitch with floss and a chenille (size 18) needle to stitch with ribbon;
  5. scissors or a roller cutter with a ruler;
  6. single sided and double sided adhesive tape.

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Tiny Snowdrops. Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial

I played with 2mm silk ribbon today and stitched a lovely tiny bunch of snowdrops! The tallest flower is just 4 cm high. It turns out that smaller bunch is even easier and quicker to embroider that ones I stitched with 7mm and 4mm silk ribbons a week before (I posted a tutorial earlier if you missed it).

Silk Ribbon Tutorial - Tiny Snowdrops

Silk Ribbon Tutorial – Tiny Snowdrops

This time I got lazy and didn’t transfer the patten onto fabric, so I didn’t follow the steps of my own tutorial strictly and went the other way round. The flowers were stitched at first, not stems and leaves as it is said in the tutorial. It’s quite easy to start with flower heads when there isn’t any layout on fabric. I worked flowers as described in the tutorial, but used 4mm white silk ribbon instead of 7mm one. For some snowdrops I stitched three petals, for others just two. Then I worked calyxes on top of each flower with 2mm wide Pastel Green silk ribbon and a straight stitch again as it’s suggested in the tutorial.

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Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial. Snowdrops

Snowdrops are one of the most lovely woodland flowers. They’re beautiful spreading in white endless carpets making our walks in woods so much more enjoyable. I love how rich green shades of their leaves bring forward white delicacy of flowers. It’s amazing colour combination that is easy to replicate in silk ribbon embroidery. There’s only one stitch needed to create real-looking flowers. It’s a straight stitch with 7mm (1/4 inch) wide silk ribbon for petals and 4mm (1/8 inch) wide one for leaves. Follow this easy tutorial to embroider a bunch of those beautiful flowers.

To stitch flowers like these, you’ll need:

  1. Two pieces of cotton fabric. You might like to paint a background on one of them with watercolour paints like I did.
  2. Six-strand embroidery floss in green
  3. 4mm wide Dark Spring Green and Avocado Green hand-dyed silk ribbon, one three meter-long skein of each
  4. 7mm wide White silk ribbon, one three meter-long skein
  5. Embroidery needle to stitch with floss and a chenille (size 18) needle to stitch with ribbon
  6. Embroidery hoop
  7. HB pencil to transfer a pattern onto fabric

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Free Christmas Tree Pattern for Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Thinking of stitching Christmas tree with silk ribbons? Here is an easy project to give you an idea how to use ribbons for Christmas stitching. The piece is quite quick to make, and it’s a perfect project if you’ve never tried silk ribbon embroidery before. There are only two stitches here: backstitch for a trunk and brunches with embroidery floss, and straight stitches with silk ribbon for a realistic tree finishing.

Christmas tree stitched with silk ribbons

Christmas tree stitched with silk ribbons

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Tutorial: Cushion with Spider Web’s Roses

After I finished working on the first tutorial I just could not stop playing with spider web roses, so I ended up with another cushion! This time I arranged roses in a circle and added felt leaves among them to get the depth of a rose bush. I didn’t think twice about finishing, as my first cushion needed a pair. I followed my own steps by attaching strips of green fabric around the ribbon flowerbed and making the second cushion in similar style. This one is turned out more vivid and rich in colour, but they both make a perfect pair on my sofa. If you have been contemplating giving your sofa a fresh look, this could be a great pattern to start with because stitching the ribbon roses is quick, and sewing the cushion is even quicker!
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Stitching a Tree with Silk Ribbons

Earlier this week I posted a tutorial on how to make straight stitches with silk ribbon, but I think you would agree that nothing is more boring than practising a new technique without a pattern or even an idea of what you’re stitching. Personally, I hate the thought of polishing a skill if it don’t end up in a nice piece, which I can frame and proudly hang on the wall. So I came up with an idea of making a series of posts with small, nice designs, that will give you a hand in learning basics of the silk ribbon embroidery. These designs will be easy in making, which is handy, for example, if one needs a gift at short notice.

There already has been posts about stitching spider web roses and finishing the final piece in a cushion. Now here’s next tutorial for mastering the straight stitch. I am going to show how to embroider a tree with silk ribbons.

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Tutorial: Cushion with Silk Ribbon Roses

If you have been following updates of my blog, you probably recall the tutorial on those ribbon roses I posted last week. Back then I had a plan to finish the piece as a cushion. So here it is, sweet and pretty! To be honest with you, I finished it in no time at all, but it took me a while to put together the tutorial for this sewing adventure.

Cushion with Silk Ribbon Roses tutorial (1)

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Stitching Roses Easily with Silk Ribbon

Today I’m posting a simple tutorial for a pattern that consists of just one stitch — spider web rose. It’s an easy one and does not require much prior experience in silk ribbon embroidery, but it rewards you with amazing results.

The project itself is a perfect match for a weekend ahead, and it does not take long at all to finish it.

What you need:

  1. 4mm wide silk ribbon. Using hand dyed silk ribbon you can get far superior results compared to plain-coloured one as colour irregularities and a variegated shade would give distinct life-like appearance to the roses. I used nine different shades just to show the look of different shades of ribbon that we stock, but you can use any number of shades of ribbon.
  2. Sewing or embroidery floss of the same shade as ribbon. I used pink one for all roses.
  3. A 3mm thick piece of felt to stitch on. Craft felt is a perfect choice, as it is inexpensive and easy to get in almost any craft store.
  4. A piece of cotton fabric the same size as the felt or bigger. Calico is perfect (as far as I know  it is called muslin in US).
  5. Wide ribbon for a bow
  6. Stitching hoop
  7. Chenille (size 18), embroidery (size 8 or 9), and tapestry (any size) needles.
  8. Water-soluble pen, again an easy thing to get in most craft stores
  9. Spray bottle with water

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