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Musician Cat. Embroidered Postcard

After digging through a pile of vintage postcards to pick out some for printed backgrounds I sell, the first thing I usually do is checking whether the image looks good on fabric and if there are enough details to stitch with silk ribbons. Sometimes I stitch over a tiny piece of print just to fulfill my curiosity and check out how it would look like if embellished with ribbons. However, once I started stitching on this postcard, I just could not bring myself to stop until it’s been completely done.
Musician Cat Silk Ribbon Embroidery

It’s absolutely stunning postcard, I love that cheeky musician puss hypnotising birds. Look how stunned they are with its beautiful play. Totally paralysed!

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Free Tutorial. Cherry Blossom Stitched with a Ribbon Side Stitch

I’m totally in love with my new textile postcard. It’s stitched on one of those fabric backgrounds  I stock. I’m still not sure if it’s a cherry or an apple blossom. First I thought it’s an apple, but pink stamens made me a bit suspicious and now it looks more like a cherry for me. Anyway, flowers of both species are similar in shape and it’s the same way to go about stitching them. I used my favourite silk ribbon embroidery technique to brighten up the print.

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Printed backgrounds for Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Every now and then I am asked whether there are any plans to stock printed panels for silk ribbon embroidery, so I have been considering it for some time. The problem is that it’s not an easy job to make a quality print to serve as a backdrop for embroidery. After all, if it was easy, there would have been plenty of them on the market!

However, I’m delighted to report that after a number of false starts and dead ends I managed to tackle numerous obstacles, so now I think I have an answer. Please welcome — crisp in colour and fine in detail — a series of vintage fabric postcards!

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