Silk Ribbon Embroidery. How to thread a needle.

Today I wanted to share one simple but very handy hint about stitching with silk ribbon, that is how to thread a needle.

If you’ve already started making your first stitches, you might’ve spotted that silk ribbons are very slippery and are always trying to escape from needle’s eye, which can be very annoying! Good news that there is a smart way to tackle that little maddening thing! You can take a sneak peak at the image below, I’m going to show you how to do it in a minute.Threading the needle with ribbon Continue reading

Needles for Ribbon Embroidery

Cannot stress it more that it is very important to pick out the right needle when you stitch with silk ribbons. This affects not only on a final result, but helps you to use the ribbon wisely. Using  a wrong needle not only could make it difficult to work with it, but also may actually damage your ribbon. We don’t want that to happen as natural silk ribbons are not exactly a cheap commodity and require careful handling.

In this post I will be writing about my own experience as a stitcher and a tutor.  After years of working with ribbons I made a ribbon needlebook which you can buy here, or you can make your own using the information below.

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Stitching Roses Easily with Silk Ribbon

Today I’m posting a simple tutorial for a pattern that consists of just one stitch — spider web rose. It’s an easy one and does not require much prior experience in silk ribbon embroidery, but it rewards you with amazing results.

The project itself is a perfect match for a weekend ahead, and it does not take long at all to finish it.

What you need:

  1. 4mm wide silk ribbon. Using hand dyed silk ribbon you can get far superior results compared to plain-coloured one as colour irregularities and a variegated shade would give distinct life-like appearance to the roses. I used nine different shades just to show the look of different shades of ribbon that we stock, but you can use any number of shades of ribbon.
  2. Sewing or embroidery floss of the same shade as ribbon. I used pink one for all roses.
  3. A 3mm thick piece of felt to stitch on. Craft felt is a perfect choice, as it is inexpensive and easy to get in almost any craft store.
  4. A piece of cotton fabric the same size as the felt or bigger. Calico is perfect (as far as I know  it is called muslin in US).
  5. Wide ribbon for a bow
  6. Stitching hoop
  7. Chenille (size 18), embroidery (size 8 or 9), and tapestry (any size) needles.
  8. Water-soluble pen, again an easy thing to get in most craft stores
  9. Spray bottle with water

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Silk Ribbon Embroidery. How to knot the ribbon.

If you have never done any silk ribbon embroidery, you might feel confused about stitching with ribbon. They do not look like floss, so how could one stitch with it? Actually, stitching with silk ribbon is almost the same as stitching with embroidery thread. Many of the stitches are exactly the same, and, similarly, you would need a needle and a piece of fabric to stitch on. Of course, there are some features and techniques that apply only to ribbon, but, in general, the process of stitching with narrow ribbon is similar to the one with thread. In the next few posts I’d like share some basics of the technique, such as how to start and end stitching, how to take care of silk ribbon, what needles and fabric to choose, and so on.

To start stitching, thread a needle with ribbon and tie a simple knot on the ribbon end.

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Woven Spider’s Web Rose Tutorial

I had a blog previously, had been blogging about needlework stuff for five years and got quite a few readers. I had been tweaking the design of the blog every now and then, and one day after suspending the blog for a couple of days for another of those refurbishments, I realised I cannot bring myself to open it again as it takes so much of my time. So I left the things where they were (with the abandoned and closed down blog) and jumped into setting up my craft business, designing kits, and dying ribbons. Now that has been definitely taking all of my time up until now, but I got nostalgic about the times of blogging and even though I still don’t feel like I can write very often, there is an urge to share things and news. So here I am, starting blogging again! The new blog has been created, and the plan is to share ideas, projects, and tips about silk ribbon embroidery or ribbon craft here. You are always welcome to ask questions or suggest subjects to discuss. I’d be delighted to hear from you by email or, alternatively, feel free to leave a comment here.2014-07-04 silk ribbon roses 4

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