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Site News: 33 Shades of 2mm wide Silk Ribbon in Hearty Craft Shop

2mm wide silk ribbon shade cardNow there are even more shades of 2mm-wide hand-dyed silk ribbon in stock. 13 beautiful ribbons have been added recently. As of now our 2mm-wide ribbon palette includes 33 shades in total. It is quite a number as the ribbon is not commonly available in this width. It fits perfectly all sorts of miniature embroidery, embellishments, and decorations. Click on the link to go to the 2mm ribbon page on our online store.

Note for eBay and Amazon regulars, we do not sell all the ribbons in there, only the most popular shades go there. For the full palette please visit our website.







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New Arrivals. 2mm wide Silk Ribbon in Hearty Craft Shop + New Snowdrop Tutorial.

Silk Ribbon Tutorial - Tiny SnowdropsLooking for ideas to put 2mm wide silk ribbon in use? Check out our blog and find out how to stitch a miniature bunch of snowdrops!






This week we’ve added 8 new shades to our 2mm wide silk ribbon palette. Beautiful pinks and rich red colours for your tiny creations!

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Site News: New Earthy Silk Ribbon Shades

It happened at last. Brown shades are now available in our silk ribbon palette! Stitching tree trunks, branches, twigs, and even pine cones — those are just some obvious ideas of what you can put new ribbons into. They are also perfect for stitching baskets! The ribbons are available in two width — 4mm and 7mm wide.

Take a preview of the new shades below. Click on a ribbon colour name to go directly to the product page on our online store.

Links for 4mm wide ribbons: Chestnut, Golden Olive, and Walnut
Links for 7mm wide ribbons: Chestnut, Golden Olive, and Walnut

Brown silk ribbon shades

Brown silk ribbon shades

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Site News: New Christmas Bundles

Holly silk ribbon embroidery

Holly silk ribbon embroidery

As the Christmas time gets closer and closer every day, all our thoughts are about festive decorations, tree ornaments, and presents. To aid your Christmas preparations¬†we have combined the most popular seasonal 4mm wide silk ribbons in bundles. Just what’s needed for stitching poinsettias, your lovely Christmas trees, holly leaves, or any other festive foliage you may fancy. They are also work nicely as gift wraps for small sized boxes or packs. Finally, they might come handy to tie in a bow and attach to a Christmas card, a party invitation, or a place card. The bundles contain 12 meters of ribbon in total (3 meters of each colour). Follow the link to find out what ribbon shades each bundle includes.

Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon - Christmas Shades

Christmas Bundle 1 and Christmas Bundle 2

Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon - Christmas Shades

Christmas Bundle

Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon - Christmas Shades 2

Christmas Bundle 2

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Site News: New 7mm wide silk ribbon in Hearty Craft shop

We’ve been asked a lot recently if we stock wider silk ribbon, so we’ve been very busy dyeing new ribbons. Now we’re happy to introduce new fantastic colours in our range of 7mm wide silk ribbons!

Wisteria 7mm silk ribbon embroideryThis month twelve new juicy shades are available in 7mm width. There are deep and reach autumn shades in orange and vinous reminding of autumn colours, as well as the finest pastel blues or hot pinks for flower projects.

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Site News: New Projects and ‘How To’ Tips.

Have you been an holiday this summer yet? We have! That’s why there’s been a while after our last newsletter. But now we are back and proud to present you the new issue. Enjoy with our fresh silk ribbon embroidery tutorials, projects and tips!

More options in our web store. Now there’s no need to use a calculator to figure out ribbon and delivery cost in your currency. The website does all the menial job for you! If it doesn’t show your currency automatically, you can always switch it in a panel on the top right of the shop page. We support six currencies to start with, so now shopping is even easier!

Cushion with ribbon rosesHaven’t given a go stitching ribbon roses yet? Here is a new project with the popular technique of spider web’s weaving! Create a beautiful cushion with variety of outstanding delicate roses, and no one will ever believe it that it was your fist piece in silk ribbon embroidery. The project is quick, easy, and absolutely suitable for beginners. Follow the link for a step-by-step guidance on how to make all the stitching.



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Site News: Cushion Project and ‘How To’ Tips.

Time flies indeed! Proud to present you new issue of our fortnightly newsletter with fresh silk ribbon embroidery tutorials, projects and tips!

More options on our web store. Due to popular demand, we are now stocking shorter skeins of silk ribbon. Most colours are available in 3 or 5 meter long pieces. Regardless of the length all skeins are beautifully packed, which would make a perfect gift for your crafting friends!

Cushion with Silk Ribbon Roses tutorial - FinishedWe’ve completed the series of tutorials covering this lovely cushion project that would be accessible even for absolute beginners. All you need is some silk ribbon, couple of needles, and fabric. Thanks to the work being quick and easy, it could be perfect project for a weekend.

The tutorial consists of two parts. Part one covers embroidery on the front, and the second part is about sewing the cushion itself. If you don’t fancy the idea of making a cushion, the embroidery piece would also look fabulous on a bag or if finished as a hoop-art.
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