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Site News: ‘Spring Flowers’ embroidery kits

A sneak peek of how I make kits for my classes. I painted the fabric using watercolour paints to make a lovely backdrop for ribbon flowers. I loved doing that a lot, so I was carried away and made a few extra kits than I needed. This very limited bunch is available only through my website. The kit is £29 and includes hand-painted fabric, threads, hand-painted silk ribbons (by me!), needles and a colourful booklet. There are just a few kits available, so hurry up! I’m not making any more of these kits in nearby future, so this is one off offer!

Spring Flowers Embroidery Kit 2

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Site News: Embroidery Kits for Pre-order

Dear all,

Just to give you a heads up that I have listed three of my kits on the website. They are available for pre-order for one week till the 25th of October.  As you know I don’t sell kits on my website because I’ve got limited storage space, but I’m making these kits for classes I’m teaching soon, and I’m happy to make a few extra for those who wish to pre-order them. These will be limited edition kits, as I am only making kits when teaching classes, so these kits won’t be on sale again any time soon. Each kit contains all materials needed to finish the embroidery plus fully illustrated and professionally printed instructions. I make my instructions step-by-step with lots of pictures, so even a beginner can follow them and stitch the design. The kits will be listed on the website till the 25th of October, after which I’ll order the materials and booklets to make the kits, and I’ll be sending them starting from the 13th of November, so you will receive them before the Christmas season even if you order from overseas. Here is the link where you can find the kits.

If you are on Instagram, I have posted videos of each embroidery in this post. You need to swipe the images to see the videos.

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Site News: Embroidery Classes

If you are based in the UK, you may like to know I am teaching a full-day class on silk ribbon embroidery with the Royal School of Needlework in Hampton Court this Saturday (10th Feb). The class is intended for beginners and will feature essential stitches with fine 2mm and 4mm-wide hand-dyed ribbons, all that on a hand-painted background. There are still a couple of spaces left, so, if you are interested, a place can be reserved on the RSN website:
Introduction to Ribbonwork: ‘Spring Flowers’

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Class

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Site News: Popular ribbon colours now available in 2mm width

It’s nearly spring officially, and, in fact, here in the UK we have already had a couple of days with few hours of sunshine. To celebrate the change of seasons, and, hopefully to the delight of those who take keen interest in minuature work, we are extending our range of 2mm wide silk ribbon with six new popular colours.

New 2mm ribbons

Six new shades have been added to our 2mm wide silk ribbon palette this week. They are Dusty Pink, Dark Turquoise, Wisteria, Turquoise, Emerald Green, and Morning Glory Continue reading

Teddy Does Cinderella

We are always delighted to see your artwork, so we were very pleased to get an email from Chris Hall saying that she had won at the International Doll Convention 2015. Well done Chris!

The bear is called ‘Teddy does Cinderella’ and she is a fantasy bear

Teddy does Cinderella

Look at this beauty! Isn’t she gorgeous?!  And her dress… It just look amazing!

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Site News: New 2mm Silk Ribbons – Vanilla, Pale Magenta, Bordeaux, and Pine

Great news! It’s even more shades of 2mm silk ribbon is now available for your projects! We’ve added four new shades to 2mm wide ribbon range lately. They are Vanilla, Pale Magenta, Bordeaux, and Pine. The finest silk ribbons work well for stitching buds, tiny leaves and stems, and of course small flowers. It’s also quite handy for stitching miniatures for doll houses, embellishing doll clothes, making jewellery, and giving a final touch to handmade postcards. Have a look at our full range of 42 shades of fine 2mm ribbons

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Site News: a Starter Pack is Now Available to Buy

Good news for those who are thinking of trying silk ribbon embroidery, but don’t know where to start. A new Starter Pack is a perfect solution. With 12 meters of silk ribbons included in the pack you’ll get enough materials to start practising new stitches. A needle for ribbon embroidery is included too! Read more about the Starter Pack here.

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Site News: Four New Shades of 4mm wide Silk Ribbon

Four new shades have been added to our 4mm wide silk ribbon palette this week. They are Nile Green, Vanilla, Dusty Pink, and Plum. The Nile Green shade is also available in 2mm and 7mm widths.

Green, Vanilla, Dusty Pink and Plum Silk Ribbons

This is how our palette of fine 4mm wide silk ribbon looks. That’s 68 shades in total. We also stock 38 shades of the finest 2mm wide silk ribbon, and 53 gorgeous silk ribbons in 7mm width. Follow the link to see them all

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Site News: New Shades of 2mm wide Silk Ribbon

Four new shades have been added to our 2mm wide silk ribbon palette this week. They are Yellow Sun, Gold Pansy, Dark Bordeaux, and Sea Blue.

Yellow Sun, Gold Pancy, Dark Bordeaux, and Sea Blue Silk RibbonsHere is our full palette of 37 beautiful shades of fine 2mm wide silk ribbon. We also stock  65 shades of exquisite 4mm wide silk ribbon, and 52 gorgeous silk ribbons in 7mm width. Follow the link to see them all

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Site News: 33 Shades of 2mm wide Silk Ribbon in Hearty Craft Shop

2mm wide silk ribbon shade cardNow there are even more shades of 2mm-wide hand-dyed silk ribbon in stock. 13 beautiful ribbons have been added recently. As of now our 2mm-wide ribbon palette includes 33 shades in total. It is quite a number as the ribbon is not commonly available in this width. It fits perfectly all sorts of miniature embroidery, embellishments, and decorations. Click on the link to go to the 2mm ribbon page on our online store.

Note for eBay and Amazon regulars, we do not sell all the ribbons in there, only the most popular shades go there. For the full palette please visit our website.







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New Arrivals. 2mm wide Silk Ribbon in Hearty Craft Shop + New Snowdrop Tutorial.

Silk Ribbon Tutorial - Tiny SnowdropsLooking for ideas to put 2mm wide silk ribbon in use? Check out our blog and find out how to stitch a miniature bunch of snowdrops!






This week we’ve added 8 new shades to our 2mm wide silk ribbon palette. Beautiful pinks and rich red colours for your tiny creations!

Here are 2mm shades we stock so far. Click on the link to go to the 2mm ribbon page on our on-line store. Continue reading