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Using silk fabric for ribbon embroidery

I love using silk fabric for my embroidery, and if using ribbons, stitching with silk on silk looks lovely. Silk dupion is my frequent choice as it is available in many shop and it comes in lots of colours. It has lovely sheen, very pleasant to use, and not too delicate to have textured embroidery on it. It is one of those fabrics that is relatively easy to handle, and I would recommend it to those who would like to use silk for the first time.

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How to Choose Right Fabric for Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Generally speaking, almost any fabric will work for stitching with silk ribbons. If your fabric is good enough to stitch with embroidery thread, then it should be good for ribbons too. You do not need any special fabric for silk ribbon embroidery. The only thing you need to pay attention is how tightly woven your fabric is. A tight fabric weave puts more friction on the ribbon and ravel it out. It is also much harder to pull your needle with a piece of ribbon through that sort of fabric.Choosing fabric for silk ribbon embroidery

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Site News: ‘Spring Flowers’ embroidery kits

A sneak peek of how I make kits for my classes. I painted the fabric using watercolour paints to make a lovely backdrop for ribbon flowers. I loved doing that a lot, so I was carried away and made a few extra kits than I needed. This very limited bunch is available only through my website. The kit is £29 and includes hand-painted fabric, threads, hand-painted silk ribbons (by me!), needles and a colourful booklet. There are just a few kits available, so hurry up! I’m not making any more of these kits in nearby future, so this is one off offer!

Spring Flowers Embroidery Kit 2

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Site News: Embroidery Kits for Pre-order

Dear all,

Just to give you a heads up that I have listed three of my kits on the website. They are available for pre-order for one week till the 25th of October.  As you know I don’t sell kits on my website because I’ve got limited storage space, but I’m making these kits for classes I’m teaching soon, and I’m happy to make a few extra for those who wish to pre-order them. These will be limited edition kits, as I am only making kits when teaching classes, so these kits won’t be on sale again any time soon. Each kit contains all materials needed to finish the embroidery plus fully illustrated and professionally printed instructions. I make my instructions step-by-step with lots of pictures, so even a beginner can follow them and stitch the design. The kits will be listed on the website till the 25th of October, after which I’ll order the materials and booklets to make the kits, and I’ll be sending them starting from the 13th of November, so you will receive them before the Christmas season even if you order from overseas. Here is the link where you can find the kits.

If you are on Instagram, I have posted videos of each embroidery in this post. You need to swipe the images to see the videos.

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Free pattern with tulips for silk ribbon embroidery

It’s so beautiful outside, and with so many flowers in bloom, I cannot stop thinking about how nicely all those flowers would look as silk ribbon embroidery. At this time of the year I literally see everything through the ribbon embroidery prism.

Tulips Silk Ribbon Embroidery

As you may know I’m on my final year of the RSN Future Tutor programme, and it’s literally just a couple of months left till I graduate. I’m struggling at the moment to find any time for extra projects beyond what is in the curriculum, but I have a few ideas that I’d love to share with you. This embroidery mini tutorial might inspire you to start a new project!
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Site News: Embroidery Classes

If you are based in the UK, you may like to know I am teaching a full-day class on silk ribbon embroidery with the Royal School of Needlework in Hampton Court this Saturday (10th Feb). The class is intended for beginners and will feature essential stitches with fine 2mm and 4mm-wide hand-dyed ribbons, all that on a hand-painted background. There are still a couple of spaces left, so, if you are interested, a place can be reserved on the RSN website:
Introduction to Ribbonwork: ‘Spring Flowers’

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Class

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Free Tutorial. Fly Stitch with Silk Ribbon

Fly stitch is absolutely fabulous for embroidering leaves and feathers. It is quick, easy and very effective. You can stitch leaves of different shapes, and you can use just one colour or change your ribbon half way onto another colour to get more colour variation.

Here is an example I stitched with 2mm-wide silk ribbon. I used Spruce ribbon for the tip of the leaf, and Teal Green as I moved from the middle of the leaf to its base.

Fly Stitch. Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial

Fly Stitch. Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial

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Free Embroidery Pattern with Daffodils, Narcissus, Crocuses, and Grape Hyacinths

Since I joined RSN Future Tutors course nearly two years ago, I haven’t really shared any free patterns here. Although I have learned a lot during my time on the course and I enjoy it very much, I miss ribbon embroidery a lot. So I thought it would be great to design a pattern that will work for thread painting as well as for ribbon embroidery, and to share it with you. The design is inspired by spring flowers — daffodils, narcissus, crocuses, and grape hyacinths, and if stitched it could be a perfect gift for the Mother’s Day or Easter.

daffodils, narcissus, crocuses, embroidery pattern

Daffodils, narcissus, and crocuses on this pattern for embroidery

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Ribbon Heart with Roses. Garden Party Embroidery: Part 7

Meanwhile I finished another fragment of my ribbon embroidery ‘Garden Party’ last week. It is a stunning ribbon heart surrounded by graceful roses in delicate pastel shades. I love stitching Helen Eriksson’s designs, and this one was published in Inspirations magazine a couple years ago. If you missed my earlier posts, it’s a panel with nine different flowers, and I’ve done six of them already: forget-me-nots, wisteria, foxgloves, rose, violets, and hydrangea. It’s a very beautiful design, good for beginners and there are plenty of different ribbon stitches to try. I enjoy stitching every bit of it!

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Site News: Popular ribbon colours now available in 2mm width

It’s nearly spring officially, and, in fact, here in the UK we have already had a couple of days with few hours of sunshine. To celebrate the change of seasons, and, hopefully to the delight of those who take keen interest in minuature work, we are extending our range of 2mm wide silk ribbon with six new popular colours.

New 2mm ribbons

Six new shades have been added to our 2mm wide silk ribbon palette this week. They are Dusty Pink, Dark Turquoise, Wisteria, Turquoise, Emerald Green, and Morning Glory Continue reading

Teddy Does Cinderella

We are always delighted to see your artwork, so we were very pleased to get an email from Chris Hall saying that she had won at the International Doll Convention 2015. Well done Chris!

The bear is called ‘Teddy does Cinderella’ and she is a fantasy bear

Teddy does Cinderella

Look at this beauty! Isn’t she gorgeous?!  And her dress… It just look amazing!

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Hydrangea embroidery with silk ribbons. Garden Party design: Part 6

Since summer I have been working on the Garden Party embroidery rather leisurely, and, not surprisingly, new flowers have been growing slowly. I’ve started a silk ribbon hydrangea when the one in our garden was in full bloom, but couldn’t find time to finish it until now. I have been stitching two large pieces since September (I promise to share them later) and squeezing in one more project proved to be not easy. I know it’s almost Christmas time, and we are all into Christmas designs rather than flowers, but anyway you might get some inspiration from these shots for your spring or summer stitching.Hydrangea Silk Ribbon Embroidery

The Garden Party has been designed by Helen Eriksson, and this is the sixth flower out of nine. If you missed my previous posts, here they are: forget-me-nots, wisteria, foxgloves, rose, and violets. Continue reading