Free Embroidery Pattern with Daffodils, Narcissus, Crocuses, and Grape Hyacinths

Since I joined RSN Future Tutors course nearly two years ago, I haven’t really shared any free patterns here. Although I have learned a lot during my time on the course and I enjoy it very much, I miss ribbon embroidery a lot. So I thought it would be great to design a pattern that will work for thread painting as well as for ribbon embroidery, and to share it with you. The design is inspired by spring flowers — daffodils, narcissus, crocuses, and grape hyacinths, and if stitched it could be a perfect gift for the Mother’s Day or Easter.

daffodils, narcissus, crocuses, embroidery pattern

Daffodils, narcissus, and crocuses on this pattern for embroidery

Stitch spring flowers using a free design

I invite everyone to join and stitch this free design with me. I will be posting my progress on my Instagram (link), and will be delighted to see yours.  There are no rules to follow. You can stitch ether the whole design, or just a part of it. You can use any materials you want, I do not want to limit you just to ribbon embroidery. If you more comfortable with threads, use just them. Any embroidery techniques are welcome: surface stitching, thread painting, applique, stumpwork, or any other. Pick your own colours for threads or ribbons and fabric. Challenge yourself and create a unique piece!

There is only one rule — tagging. Tag me on instagram under your posts, so I could see your pictures. Also use a tag #HeartyCraftChallenge for your posts, so other participants could see them. You can join at any time. There is no strict end date, but I’m going to finish my piece before Easter.

Free embroidery pattern to download

Here is a link to download the pattern. It’s a PDF file. When you print it make sure that it is not shrunk or distorted. Make sure you have ‘Actual Size’ checkbox ticked if you are printing from Adobe Reader. There are two pictures in the file. One is for tracing onto your fabric, and the other is a coloured version so you could get an idea what the flowers are. This is only for you convenience and not the compulsory colours to use. Feel free to stitch white crocuses instead of the purple ones for example.

You can include a saying into the design if you want. There is a space for that. You can nicely join you words with the ribbon from the bow.

Here are pictures I took in Hampton Court Gardens, that inspired me to make the pattern.

narcissus grape-hyacinth daffodils crocuses crocuses-2

Enjoy your stitching and tag me on Instagram!

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