Site News: New silk ribbon colours in 2mm and 7mm widths

It’s been a while since we introduced new colours to our ribbon range, so we are making up for that. Eight new ribbons just have been added on the website: bright greens, vibrant blues, and dusted pink and red — a beautiful selection for miniature garden embroidery.

New Ribbons from Hearty Craft 16-6-30

Four new shades have been added to our 7mm wide silk ribbon palette. This is for those who prefer large scale projects. Say hello to Dusty Pink, Teal Green, Light Emerald, and Emerald Green.

Silk ribbons in 7mm


Crocus  new silk ribbon 4mm


Crocus is another addition to our 4mm wide range. There can never be enough blues!



On the smaller side of the range, Teal Green, Plum, and Russet are our new 2mm wide silk ribbons.

Silk ribbons in 2mm

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