Teddy Does Cinderella

We are always delighted to see your artwork, so we were very pleased to get an email from Chris Hall saying that she had won at the International Doll Convention 2015. Well done Chris!

The bear is called ‘Teddy does Cinderella’ and she is a fantasy bear

Teddy does Cinderella

Look at this beauty! Isn’t she gorgeous?!  And her dress… It just look amazing!

Teddy Bear Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Chris used our Sea Blue Ribbon to create the stunning dress. The ribbon is beautifully folded in roses of different sizes that look so pretty!

‘I used your folded ribbon rose, but wanted them to look a bit like she picked them for her dress hence they are not perfectly matching.’ – wrote Chris. And they are look freshly picked indeed!

The back is also imaginative: ribbon trellis and bows!

Teddy Bear Embellished  with Silk Ribbons

Thank you so much Chris for sharing with us the photo, and congratulations with the gold!

One thought on “Teddy Does Cinderella
  1. Chris Hall

    Dear Zinaida
    Thank-you so much for including me in your newsletter. It is very rewarding to have my work appreciated in this way. I really hope it encourages others to use your ribbons and your tutorials in many different ways.
    Thank-you again.
    With kindest regards

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