Hydrangea embroidery with silk ribbons. Garden Party design: Part 6

Since summer I have been working on the Garden Party embroidery rather leisurely, and, not surprisingly, new flowers have been growing slowly. I’ve started a silk ribbon hydrangea when the one in our garden was in full bloom, but couldn’t find time to finish it until now. I have been stitching two large pieces since September (I promise to share them later) and squeezing in one more project proved to be not easy. I know it’s almost Christmas time, and we are all into Christmas designs rather than flowers, but anyway you might get some inspiration from these shots for your spring or summer stitching.Hydrangea Silk Ribbon Embroidery

The Garden Party has been designed by Helen Eriksson, and this is the sixth flower out of nine. If you missed my previous posts, here they are: forget-me-nots, wisteria, foxgloves, rose, and violets.

Ribbon stitches for hydrangea flowers

You will be surprised to know that the flowers are made of many ribbon stitches. The trick is to use very gentle tension for each stitch to keep the flowers puffy and petals raised. I used one of my variegated blue ribbons to get a nice and subtle change of colour within one flower. As each ribbon skein is hand-dyed, the result is the most beautiful!

It never stops surprising me how clever the design is, and how each flower that I stitch ends up so pretty. Each flower I finish immediately becomes my favourite, and I love every bit of the embroidery.

Hydrangea Stitched with Silk Ribbon

Hydrangea Buds Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Love the raised petals!

Hydrangea Embroidered with Ribbon

Hydrangea Flower - Silk Ribbon Embroidery If you missed my post on Instagram, this is how the whole piece looks like so far.

Garden Party Silk Ribbon Embroidery 6 Flowers



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