Violets embroidered with ribbons. Garden Party design: Part 5

One more flower is finished and that means only four left to complete Garden Party silk ribbon embroidery designed by well-known Australian designer Helen Ericsson. If you missed my previous posts about the piece, here they are: forget-me-knot, wisteria, foxgloves, and rose (click to find out more about each stitched flower). So today it’s time for gorgeous violets to be shared. Violets Silk Ribbon EmbroideryThere were two attempts to stitch the violets, I must admit. When I just started to work on The Garden Party the violets were the first flower I started stitching. Unfortunately for me I made a foolish mistake to pick out solid silk ribbons instead of spaced-dyed ones recommended in a supply list, and the piece ended up in a box with other unfinished embroideries quite shortly after it was started. It had spent there almost three years before I eventually got inspired to give it another go this time using hand-dyed silk ribbons. I don’t mind stitching with solid silk ribbons at all, but for some designs they just don’t work, this one being a perfect example. Solid violets looked quite flat and dull, and just one variegated purple ribbon has changed visual perception of the embroidery tremendously.  I love the outcome. The violets are beautiful.

Simple embroidery stitches for violets

The stitching was so quick and easy, and with such clever combination of ribbons and threads the violets are so beautiful. It was suggested to use ribbon stitches for flowers and leaves. The leaves are edged afterwords with buttonhole stitch using matching embroidery thread. A French knot is placed in the middle of each flower using bright yellow ribbon.

Violets Silk Ribbon Embroidery - Garden Party

As usual Helen Ericsson pays tremendous attention to details in her designs. The buds are delicate and pretty, and I really enjoyed stitching lovely leaves. I love how the ribbon colour changes, making the embroidered piece one of a kind.

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