Garden Party. Part 4: Rose

Whilst it’s summertime I’m busy dying ribbons in order to be fully stocked for a high sale season that is coming. However, it doesn’t mean I put away my stitching, and I managed to finished two more flowers from the Garden Party design. The problem is that I could hardly find a time to take decent photos of my progress, in fact, I’ve been planning to write this post for a couple of weeks. It’s only today that I have finally got an opportunity to take my camera out for shooting.

Rose Ribbon Embroidery - Garden Party 1The rose is planted in the centre of the Garden Party pattern (by Helen Ericsson) as a reminder of which flower is the Queen of all flowers. I like the technique that is used to make the rose. As you see the middle of it is a folded rose attached to fabric and then surrounded with stitches. Who will disagree that silk ribbon embroidery is one of the most beautiful ways to create roses?

Rose Ribbon Embroidery - Garden Party by Helen EricssonI love those buds around the rose and that different stages of their growth are shown here.

Rose Silk Ribbon Embroidery - Helen Ericsson

Silk Ribbon Roses - Garden Party Design

It’s not the first time I’m stitching the rose following the same set of instructions, but every time it comes out different! Back in 2011 I took a box making course, and one of the assignments was to frame a stitched piece in a hand-made box. I made the box to keep my favourite tea in it. By the way, it is still in use these days.

Rose Tea and Rose Dessert Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Close up. The roses here are smaller and embroidered with solid silk ribbons. I used three different shades of green ribbon to stitch the leaves, and it was a tough job I must admit. It’s much easier and quicker to embroider with variegated ribbons. For starters, you don’t need to change needles all the time, but it is also much less messy on a backside!

Rose Tea and Rose Dessert Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Hearty Craft

That’s all for now and I better take my camera out again soon, as one more flower is waiting to be shared!

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