Garden Party. Part 2: Wisteria

I’m still very enthusiastic about completing Garden Party design by talented Helen Eriksson and here is one more plant finished — a wisteria. It’s the second flower out of nine, the first one is forget-me-not that I’ve shared earlier. The whole panel is worked in silk ribbon embroidery technique, and what I love about it most is that finishing each flower takes no time at all and all of them look very realistic indeed (at least on photos in a magazine with stitching instructions). I wasn’t sure when I just started stitching the wisteria that my embroidered version would look real-like, but as soon as finished it, I totally fell in love with it and there’s no doubt in me that it’s highly recognisable.

Wisteria Branch – Silk Ribbon Embroidery

At first I thought that suggested silk ribbon would be too pale for the design, but surprisingly its subtle variations worked well here, so I didn’t consider any other options at all. I used the darkest ribbon sections for upper parts of the bunches and the rest for lower parts as were recommended in the magazine.

Wisteria Stitched with Silk Ribbons

I don’t know why, but I feel so satisfied and inspired after completing such a tiny embroidery piece like this. Maybe, because it’s so beautiful and I cannot believe that it was made so quickly. I’m used to thinking that beauty can only be created by investing a lot of time and effort, but proven to be not necessary true with silk ribbon embroidery.

Garden Party - Wisteria Silk Ribbon Embroidery

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