Site News: 33 Shades of 2mm wide Silk Ribbon in Hearty Craft Shop

2mm wide silk ribbon shade cardNow there are even more shades of 2mm-wide hand-dyed silk ribbon in stock. 13 beautiful ribbons have been added recently. As of now our 2mm-wide ribbon palette includes 33 shades in total. It is quite a number as the ribbon is not commonly available in this width. It fits perfectly all sorts of miniature embroidery, embellishments, and decorations. Click on the link to go to the 2mm ribbon page on our online store.

Note for eBay and Amazon regulars, we do not sell all the ribbons in there, only the most popular shades go there. For the full palette please visit our website.







There is also a new post on my blog. To celebrate the Spring, I have stitched a postcard with tiny daffodils. Follow the link to find out more.

Hello Spring. Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Hello Spring. Silk Ribbon Embroidery

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