Garden Party. Part 1: Forget-me-nots.

Most of us make New Year resolutions, and I’m not an exception. Every year I promise myself that I won’t start any new stitching project until I finish numerous ones I started before. Frankly there’s quite a few unfinished pieces in my so called ‘Project Box’. Every year I break my own promise and start a new piece that later on ends up in the ‘Project Box’! It definitely isn’t working this way and so this year I’ve made a resolution not to start anything big and focus on the contents of the box. I’m making progress actually. For example, I finished one goldwork embroidery that had spent two years in the box waiting, and there’s a couple of embroideries I’m currently working on. This branch of forget-me-not flowers is one of those pieces.Forget-me-not silk ribbon embroidery 3

This is Helen Eriksson’s design that was printed in issue 70 of Inspirations magazine. I started stitching it about three years ago, then, following a number of futile attempts to buy some ribbon for violets, I gave up. The design includes nine different flowers to stitch with silk ribbons.

Forget-me-not embroidery with silk ribbons

I stitched forget-me-nots lots of times, but these ones are different. Their colours are absolutely out of my comfort zone. I usually prefer bright and vivid shades when picking out ribbons and floss. But I love the result!

At least I hope this time it won’t get stuck because of the lack of materials, and I will finish the Garden Party panel. I feel so inspired with such a beautiful start. For me it’s important to get new stitching experience by working on designs of others, and especially designs from honoured masters like Helen Eriksson.

Forget-me-nots buds embroidery with silk ribbon

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