Embroidering Daffodils: Hello Spring

I stitched this piece just before Easter, but couldn’t find time for sharing it.  We moved house, at the end of March, then it was Easter break, then it was never-ending struggle with boxes all over the place, and finally yesterday I finished unpacking my studio stuff and put all the things on their places, so I can comfortably do my job again. The rest of the house is still a real mess though, but at least one room here — my studio — looks nice and tidy. To celebrate the fact I’ve arranged some photo shooting today whilst it’s still spring here and my seasonal embroidery hasn’t got completely outdated. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen it already there.  I managed to post a photo of the unfinished embroidery just before moving.

Silk ribbon embroidery. Daffodils.

This is a postcard I made. I love simple ways of finishing embroidery pieces, and I’ve got an idea of making a collection of silk ribbon embroidery postcards. They would look lovely pinned to a wall in my studio, and it does take little time to complete such a small embroidery. In fact it took me about two evenings to finish it including time I spent making the design and choosing materials!

Daffodils are stitched with hand-dyed silk ribbons following my own tutorial. To be honest with you, I took the same piece I stitched for the tutorial, and added a few more flowers — reduce, reuse, recycle. All the leaves are stitched with Light Emerald hand-dyed silk ribbon, for yellow daffodils I used 4mm wide Yellow Sun silk ribbon and 2mm wide Gold Yellow ribbon, and for white flowers  – 4mm white silk ribbon and 2mm wide Falling Leaves ribbon.

Hello Spring. Silk Ribbon Embroidery

I like how the flowers are raised over the fabric.

Daffodils stitched with silk ribbon

It’s a little bit early for Common Blue butterflies to emerge, but I couldn’t help stitching them.  Their wings are made with 7mm wide Dusty Blue silk ribbon. I just worked straight stitches with the ribbon and then added tiny stitches with one strand of embroidery floss over them.

I used silk ribbon for stitching grass as well. Straight stitches with 2mm wide Apple Green shade is mixed with straight stitches worked with embroidery floss.

Spring daffodil silk ribbon embroidery 4

Hope you all enjoy the National Gardening Week visiting lovely gardens and getting inspiration for your future projects!

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5 thoughts on “Embroidering Daffodils: Hello Spring
  1. Kate Starling

    Lovely spring greetings card, I can sense seasonal cards coming, how about roses for summer, autumn leaves, winter holly and berries…….oh the possibilities and as you say not too big a project to be daunting. Must get on and place an order for your delicious new fine ribbons. Wishing you every happiness in your new home

    1. Zinaida Post author

      Thank you, Kate.
      Yes, it is what my idea is. Tiny seasonal cards with flowers. It might be a good idea to print some vintage postcards on fabric. It’d be fun to stitch them with ribbons.

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  3. ladyfée

    Bonjour Zina ! je n’avais pas eu le temps de venir admirer cette jolie carte ! j’aime vraiment beaucoup, je voulais faire les jolies jonquilles d’après votre tuto, mais je n’ai pas encore eu le temps, et quand je vois cette jolie carte ça me donne vraiment envie de le faire ! avez vous le modèle dans votre boutique ? ! ça me plairait vraiment de la reproduire ! comme celà je pourrais la mettre avec celle que j’avais faite en tutoriel du coeur avec la rose !
    aujourd’hui c’est le 1er Mai, la fête du travail en France ! un jour férié pour un grand nombre d’entres nous, une journée sacrée pour tous les travailleurs, j’aurais aimé faire du muguet en broderie avec les petites clochettes, je m’étais dit :’tiens Zina va peut être faire un petit tutoriel pour nous expliquer comment les broder….!!!” merci en tout cas pour toutes vos idées de broderies et vos partages !
    bonne journée, Ladyfée

    1. Zinaida Post author

      Thank you for your kind words! I’m so glad you like the design. I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t have the pattern for sale. I made the postcard to share an idea of using a daffodil pattern I posted before. I really sorry, I hate those moments when I cannot make my customers happy.

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