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Garden Party. Part 1: Forget-me-nots.

Most of us make New Year resolutions, and I’m not an exception. Every year I promise myself that I won’t start any new stitching project until I finish numerous ones I started before. Frankly there’s quite a few unfinished pieces in my so called ‘Project Box’. Every year I break my own promise and start a new piece that later on ends up in the ‘Project Box’! It definitely isn’t working this way and so this year I’ve made a resolution not to start anything big and focus on the contents of the box. I’m making progress actually. For example, I finished one goldwork embroidery that had spent two years in the box waiting, and there’s a couple of embroideries I’m currently working on. This branch of forget-me-not flowers is one of those pieces.Forget-me-not silk ribbon embroidery 3

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Embroidering Daffodils: Hello Spring

I stitched this piece just before Easter, but couldn’t find time for sharing it.  We moved house, at the end of March, then it was Easter break, then it was never-ending struggle with boxes all over the place, and finally yesterday I finished unpacking my studio stuff and put all the things on their places, so I can comfortably do my job again. The rest of the house is still a real mess though, but at least one room here — my studio — looks nice and tidy. To celebrate the fact I’ve arranged some photo shooting today whilst it’s still spring here and my seasonal embroidery hasn’t got completely outdated. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen it already there.  I managed to post a photo of the unfinished embroidery just before moving.

Silk ribbon embroidery. Daffodils.

This is a postcard I made. I love simple ways of finishing embroidery pieces, and I’ve got an idea of making a collection of silk ribbon embroidery postcards. They would look lovely pinned to a wall in my studio, and it does take little time to complete such a small embroidery. In fact it took me about two evenings to finish it including time I spent making the design and choosing materials!

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Site News: 33 Shades of 2mm wide Silk Ribbon in Hearty Craft Shop

2mm wide silk ribbon shade cardNow there are even more shades of 2mm-wide hand-dyed silk ribbon in stock. 13 beautiful ribbons have been added recently. As of now our 2mm-wide ribbon palette includes 33 shades in total. It is quite a number as the ribbon is not commonly available in this width. It fits perfectly all sorts of miniature embroidery, embellishments, and decorations. Click on the link to go to the 2mm ribbon page on our online store.

Note for eBay and Amazon regulars, we do not sell all the ribbons in there, only the most popular shades go there. For the full palette please visit our website.







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