How to stitch daffodils with silk ribbon

Britain is in daffodil bloom and even in my shady garden the flowers have opened. I have not met a person who doesn’t love daffodils. They are pure sun and its so much joy to walk past yellow flower carpets. Daffodils are truly messengers of spring, and when I see their strong stems and leaves that show over ground, I know Spring is almost here, and the most beautiful season of bloom is ready to come.

Daffodils silk ribbon embroidery

Here is a tutorial on how to easily embroider beautiful daffodils with silk ribbons. The tute is well suitable for those who have not tried silk ribbon embroidery before, and want to give it a go.

To stitch the daffodils, you’ll need:

  1. Two pieces of cotton fabric plain or patterned. I used Moda fabric bought in a quilt shop.
  2. 4mm wide Yellow Sun and Light Emerald hand-dyed silk ribbon, one three meter-long skein of each
  3. 2mm wide Gold Yellow silk ribbon, one three meter-long skein
  4. Chenille (size 18) needle to stitch with ribbon
  5. Embroidery hoop
  6. HB pencil to transfer a pattern onto fabric

  • Follow the link to download a pattern. Even if you are not new to silk ribbon embroidery, the pattern might help when stitching the daffodils for the first time. Use Adobe Reader to open the file. Before printing  set 100% scale in printing settings.
  • Then using a HB pencil transfer the pattern onto a piece fabric.
  • As soon as you transferred the image, place the fabric with the patten on top of a second piece, and mount them together in hoop. It’s recommended to use two layers of fabric for ribbon embroidery instead of one because silk ribbons are heavier then embroidery floss.
  • Petals. Stitch four petals close to each other so that they are creating a semicircle and emerging from the same point. Each petal is a ribbon stitch with 4mm wide hand-dyed Yellow Sun silk ribbon. Follow a step-by-step mini tutorial on how to make a ribbon stitch.

Stitching daffodil petals

Use  a ribbon stitch for daffodil petals

  • Cup.

To make a cup, work two ribbon stitches with 2mm wide Gold Yellow silk ribbon. The stitches should start from the same point, be the same length, and make two sides of a triangle.

Work the third ribbon stitch from the same point. Place the stitch between the first two so that it slightly overlaps them. It should also be a tiny bit longer.

Stitching a daffodil cup with silk ribbon

Daffodil cup with silk ribbon

  • Stitch all four flowers in the described manner.
  • These daffodils do not have stems, but they might be added. If you embroider just one flower, or want to create a more detailed piece, work the stems with a stem stitch or backstitch with one strand of embroidery floss. Stitch the stems before stitching the leaves.
  • When embroidering the leaves that are behind the flowers, just pass the blunt needle tip under the petals without piercing the fabric (I don’t know how, but I managed to pass a pointed needle tip through when making the photo below 🙂 Daffodil leaves

Enjoy the spring and give stitched or grown beautiful daffodils for those who are matters to you!

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