Valentine Card Stitched with Silk Ribbons

Thinking of February it’s hard not to think about Valentine day and hearts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Valentine card embroidered with silk ribbons, and I thought it would be an interesting challenge to design one. I love such sort of challenges when there’s a need to create something for a specific occasion using specific techniques and materials. It gives my brain an exercise as it’s not an easy task to make a nice design that doesn’t take lots of materials, time, and effort when someone makes one trying to follow a tutorial afterwards. So… I hope you like it and if you haven’t yet tried stitching on a piece of card, this is a perfect opportunity to give it a go 🙂

Valentine card silk ribbon embroidery

Making an unusual Valentine’s day card

To make a card like this, you’ll need:

  1. A4 sheet of photo paper. Choose one that is thick enough to make a card (260gsm will be good) with satin finish. I bought mine from Ryman. Make sure you get photo paper, not just card, as colours will look dull on normal card;
  2. 4mm wide Citrus, 7mm wide Deep Carmine, and 2mm wide Hydrangea hand-dyed silk ribbons;
  3. sewing or embroidery floss in red;
  4. embroidery needle to stitch with floss and a chenille (size 18) needle to stitch with ribbon;
  5. scissors or a roller cutter with a ruler;
  6. single sided and double sided adhesive tape.

Free embroidery tutorial for a Valentine card

Print out a PDF pattern on the photo paper. If your printer corrects images like mine always does, you might like to increase brightness and saturation a little on the printer settings screen.

Valentine card silk ribbon embroidery tutorialCut out and fold the card. Then using a  chenille needle pierce the card where the green dots are marked on the pattern.






Embroider leaves with a ribbon stitch and a piece of Citrus hand-dyed ribbon. Use a photo below as a guide. Bring the needle to the front through the punched holes and then bring it back to the wrong side piercing new holes while making a stitch. Follow a ribbon stitch tutorial as a guide. Do not make knots on the wrong side of the card, keep it flat as possible. To start and finish a stitch use a piece of adhesive tape – just stick down the end of ribbon to the wrong side.

Valentine Card. Silk Ribbon Embroidery Pattern

Valentine card. How to start and finish a stitch.

Valentine card with silk ribbons

Stitch a rose using 7mm Deep Carmine hand-dyed silk ribbon. Follow a woven spider’s web rose tutorial as a guide.

1. To start a stitch with floss on the card, make a knot, and then bring the needle to the back close to the flower centre.How to start a stitch on a card

2. Stitch five spokes following printed lines.

Valentine card silk ribbon embroidery tutorial 5


3. To secure the stitch weave the needle around the spokes, and then tie a couple of knots.

Valentine card silk ribbon embroidery tutorial 6

Valentine card. Embroidered Silk Rose

To make a lacing with a blue ribbon, pierce holes on the top of the card following a layout. First pierce just two outermost holes, and lace a piece of 2-mm Hydrangea silk ribbon through them. Do not pierce other holes, as you need to hide the back of the embroidery first. Valentine card silk ribbon embroidery tutorial 8

Stick a piece of double sided tape onto the back of the embroidery (stick it onto the bottom of the card), then fold a left part of the card in to hide the wrong side of the embroidery.

Pierce the rest of the holes, lace the ribbon, and tie a bow where the ribbon ends meet.

Valentine card. Silk ribbon bow.Here is the inside of the card. Nice and tidy with a lot of space to write a message to someone special!

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