Tiny Snowdrops. Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial

I played with 2mm silk ribbon today and stitched a lovely tiny bunch of snowdrops! The tallest flower is just 4 cm high. It turns out that smaller bunch is even easier and quicker to embroider that ones I stitched with 7mm and 4mm silk ribbons a week before (I posted a tutorial earlier if you missed it).

Silk Ribbon Tutorial - Tiny Snowdrops

Silk Ribbon Tutorial – Tiny Snowdrops

This time I got lazy and didn’t transfer the patten onto fabric, so I didn’t follow the steps of my own tutorial strictly and went the other way round. The flowers were stitched at first, not stems and leaves as it is said in the tutorial. It’s quite easy to start with flower heads when there isn’t any layout on fabric. I worked flowers as described in the tutorial, but used 4mm white silk ribbon instead of 7mm one. For some snowdrops I stitched three petals, for others just two. Then I worked calyxes on top of each flower with 2mm wide Pastel Green silk ribbon and a straight stitch again as it’s suggested in the tutorial.

Silk Ribbon Tutorial - Tiny Snowdrops FlowersFinally, leaves were stitched starting from the “farthest” snowdrop and progressively moving to those on the front. I used the same 2mm wide Pastel Green ribbon as for calyxes. Also I didn’t stitch stems the way I did it before as wanted to make the flowers appear as delicate as possible.

Here’s the final look of the bunch, it’s the size of a needle!

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4 thoughts on “Tiny Snowdrops. Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial
  1. Valerie Ball

    I stitched the larger snowdrops on a Birthday card for a friend,it looks beautiful ,first time I’ve sewed a snow drop and I’m well impressed ,thank you for tutorial looking forward to next one

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  3. claire


    I wonder if you could share what material you have used in the tiny snowdrop tutorial – is it some sort of hessian? thank you

    best wishes, claire.

    1. Zinaida Post author

      Hi Claire,

      That’s a piece of linen fabric that is commonly used for cushions, tablecloths, and garments. It looks like hessian because the snowdrops are really tiny and I took close-ups with my camera.

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