Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial. Snowdrops

Snowdrops are one of the most lovely woodland flowers. They’re beautiful spreading in white endless carpets making our walks in woods so much more enjoyable. I love how rich green shades of their leaves bring forward white delicacy of flowers. It’s amazing colour combination that is easy to replicate in silk ribbon embroidery. There’s only one stitch needed to create real-looking flowers. It’s a straight stitch with 7mm (1/4 inch) wide silk ribbon for petals and 4mm (1/8 inch) wide one for leaves. Follow this easy tutorial to embroider a bunch of those beautiful flowers.

To stitch flowers like these, you’ll need:

  1. Two pieces of cotton fabric. You might like to paint a background on one of them with watercolour paints like I did.
  2. Six-strand embroidery floss in green
  3. 4mm wide Dark Spring Green and Avocado Green hand-dyed silk ribbon, one three meter-long skein of each
  4. 7mm wide White silk ribbon, one three meter-long skein
  5. Embroidery needle to stitch with floss and a chenille (size 18) needle to stitch with ribbon
  6. Embroidery hoop
  7. HB pencil to transfer a pattern onto fabric

  • Here is a link for a pattern. Print it from Adobe Reader. Make sure to set 100% scale or use an actual size printing settings. Then transfer the image onto your fabric.
  • It’s recommended to use two layers of fabric for silk ribbon embroidery instead of one as you do for normal embroidery. This is because silk ribbons are heavier then embroidery floss you’re stitching with. Place two pieces of cotton fabric one onto another and mount them together in a hoop that is fit to the size of the snowdrop image.
  • Stems. Stitch snowdrop’s stems using two strands of green embroidery floss. The floss shade should be lighter then green ribbon that is for leaves. I used 471 DMC floss. Work the stems with one stitch of you choice : a backstitch, a stem stitch, or a split stitch.
  • Leaves. Using a piece of Dark Spring Green hand-dyed silk ribbon and long straight stitches create flower’s leaves. Let them twist a bit. If the leaves do not stay in a position you want, attach them down with a few tiny stitches using one strand of green floss (see the photo below). Refer to a straight stitch tutorial as a guide.
Snowdrop tutorial: Embroidering snowdrop leaves with silk ribbon

Snowdrop tutorial: Embroidering snowdrop leaves with silk ribbon

  • Calyx. At the end of each stem make a small straight stitch with Avocado Green silk ribbon. Pull the ribbon through very gently leaving a slightly looped stitch at the front. Hold a spare needle in the left hand (if you’re right-handed) to control the ribbon whilst pulling it through. Refer to a straight stitch tutorial as a guide.
Snowdrop tutorial: stitching calyx with silk ribbon

Snowdrop tutorial: stitching calyx with silk ribbon

  • Flowers are also worked with straight stitches. Thread the needle with 7mm wide white silk ribbon and stitch a middle flower making two straight stitches overlapping each other in a half. Use a spare needle in your left hand to guide the ribbon so the petals are curved inwards and raised, not flat.

Embroidering snowdrops petals with silk ribbon 1

Embroidering snowdrops petals with silk ribbon 2

Silk Ribbon SnowdropStitch the right flower in the same manner, but make two petals with smaller overlap (see photo on the left).






Left snowdrop has three petals. Start with stitching a petal in the middle. Gently tight the ribbon to get the petal as flat as possible. Then stitch petals on both sides of it. Make those ones  curved inwards and raised over the fabric surface with a help of a spare needle as you did before. Let the petals also overlap slightly.

Straight stitch silk ribbon petals 1

Straight stitch silk ribbon petals 2

Snowdrops Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial

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