Site News: The Christmas Ornaments Kit is now back in stock

Absolutely stunning Christmas Ornaments Kit is now back in stock!
Christmas ornaments goldwork kit

Christmas ornaments goldwork kit

If you like stitching and love unique Christmas ornaments this kit is for you.  Stitched on a luxury fabric and embellished with gold threads, beads, and silk ribbons these ornaments are as festive as traditional glass-blown ones. The stitching looks intricate on the bulb and the bell, but do not worry, our easy step-by-step illustrated guide makes it easy to get such a result. You will get a whole book full of instructions, photos, and tips. Each step is illustrated with a photo. You do not need to know each and every stitch, as there are tutorials for all of them too. Just follow instructions, and you will create the ornaments of your own which are going to be a real heirloom!

Follow the link to see what the kit includes.

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