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Holly silk ribbon embroidery

Holly silk ribbon embroidery

As the Christmas time gets closer and closer every day, all our thoughts are about festive decorations, tree ornaments, and presents. To aid your Christmas preparations we have combined the most popular seasonal 4mm wide silk ribbons in bundles. Just what’s needed for stitching poinsettias, your lovely Christmas trees, holly leaves, or any other festive foliage you may fancy. They are also work nicely as gift wraps for small sized boxes or packs. Finally, they might come handy to tie in a bow and attach to a Christmas card, a party invitation, or a place card. The bundles contain 12 meters of ribbon in total (3 meters of each colour). Follow the link to find out what ribbon shades each bundle includes.

Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon - Christmas Shades

Christmas Bundle 1 and Christmas Bundle 2

Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon - Christmas Shades

Christmas Bundle

Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon - Christmas Shades 2

Christmas Bundle 2

If you are serious about stitching Christmas trees to decorate your home, more often than not there simply just isn’t enough greens. To lighten things a bit we’ve packed crisp green shades in saver packs — our new deal. Each pack has 16 meters of 4mm wide silk ribbon in total (4 meters of each colour), which is a good basic supply for your festive creations. If you have some of it left after you are done decorating (unlikely if you ask us), it will serve you well for spring-themed projects just a couple of months down the line. We believe one simply cannot have enough greens in the stash! Follow the link to see those packs on our website.

Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon - Green Pack

Green Pack

Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon - Green Pack 2

Green Pack 2

Hand-Dyed Silk Ribbon - Green Pack 3

Green Pack 3

The goldwork Christmas ornament

The Bell from Christmas Ornaments Kit

If you missed our previous post, the splendid Christmas Ornaments Kit is now back in stock.  Follow the link to read more.

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2 thoughts on “Site News: New Christmas Bundles
  1. Sally George

    I am really pleased with the lovely silk ribbon. How would you advise that I store the ribbon, please? Is it advisable to wind it round a tube – say a “toilet roll holder” or is it all right to wind it round a piece of card.

    1. Zinaida Post author

      Hi Sally,

      I am very glad that you like our silk ribbon.

      Both options are absolutely fine. If you store the ribbon wound on a piece of a card, you might need to press it with an iron to make it crease free every time before use.

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