Tutorial: Cushion with Spider Web’s Roses

After I finished working on the first tutorial I just could not stop playing with spider web roses, so I ended up with another cushion! This time I arranged roses in a circle and added felt leaves among them to get the depth of a rose bush. I didn’t think twice about finishing, as my first cushion needed a pair. I followed my own steps by attaching strips of green fabric around the ribbon flowerbed and making the second cushion in similar style. This one is turned out more vivid and rich in colour, but they both make a perfect pair on my sofa. If you have been contemplating giving your sofa a fresh look, this could be a great pattern to start with because stitching the ribbon roses is quick, and sewing the cushion is even quicker!
Cushion with ribbon roses

I picked out red, deep pink, and salmon silk ribbon shades from our range for this embroidery. Thanks to the way how hand-dyed silk ribbons variates in roses, all the flowers turn out slightly different and not a single one looks the same as any other.spider web ribbon roses with leavesTo stitch the ribbon flowerbed like this, you’ll need:

  1. 4mm wide hand-dyed silk ribbon. Pick out about 5-9 different shades. I used Scarlet, Deep Carmine, Auburn, Cherry Pink, Russet, Bordeaux, Ruby, Gold Pansy, and Salmon.
  2. A 3mm thick piece of felt to stitch on. Craft felt is a perfect choice, as it is inexpensive and easy to get in almost any craft store.
  3. A piece of cotton fabric the same size as the felt or bigger. Calico is perfect (as far as I know  it is called muslin in the US).
  4. A selection of green felt for leaves.
  5. Sewing or embroidery floss of the same shade as the silk ribbon. I used one colour for all roses.
  6. Sewing or embroidery floss of the same shade as the green felt.
  7. Stitching hoop
  8. Chenille (size 18), embroidery (size 8 or 9), and tapestry (any size) needles.
  9. Water-soluble pen
  10. Spray bottle filled with water

Cushion with ribbon roses tutorial 11. Draw a circle on a piece of felt using a water-soluble pen and something round. For example, an inner ring of a small embroidery hoop.

Place the felt over a piece of calico and mount both of them in a hoop. The hoop should be large enough to accommodate the whole ribbon embroidery. My piece of felt is too small for that hoop, but with the large piece of calico it was possible to mount it. Even if you’ve got a sufficiently large piece of felt, use cotton fabric to support it anyway. The felt deforms easily, so the fabric beneath helps to keep the shape.

Following spider web’s roses tutorial and using sewing or embroidery floss stitch spokes for roses of different sizes placed randomly. Use a single strand of floss for that.

Cushion with ribbon roses tutorial 22. As soon as you finish stitching spokes spray the felt to remove the water-soluble ink. Leave you piece in the hoop while it dries out. You can speed up the drying process using a hair drier.

Stitch the ribbon roses with a selection of hand-dyed silk ribbons. Use ribbon of different shade when moving to the next rose, so there are no roses alike sitting next to each other. Do not stitch flowers in random order, but fill the circle with roses from top to bottom moving from left to right (right to left if you are left handed). If you stick to the same shade and stitch random roses instead, when changing the colour and trying to place new roses in between of existing ones you may damage them. Remember, silk ribbon is a delicate matter.

Leaves cushion with ribbon roses tutorial3. Cut a handful of leaves of different sizes out of green felt. Use varied shades of green felt for that.
Attaching leaves cushion with ribbon roses tutorial4. Attach leaves among roses in scattered pattern, using one strand of green floss. To do that, make a stitch across each leaf as shown on the photo above.

Attaching leaves cushion with ribbon roses tutorial 25. After making the stitch across the leaf, pull the floss tight, so that the leaf raises over the embroidery and adds the texture.


To finish your embroidery in a cushion, follow the tutorial from another post. Both cushions are made in the same manner.

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