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Have you been an holiday this summer yet? We have! That’s why there’s been a while after our last newsletter. But now we are back and proud to present you the new issue. Enjoy with our fresh silk ribbon embroidery tutorials, projects and tips!

More options in our web store. Now there’s no need to use a calculator to figure out ribbon and delivery cost in your currency. The website does all the menial job for you! If it doesn’t show your currency automatically, you can always switch it in a panel on the top right of the shop page. We support six currencies to start with, so now shopping is even easier!

Cushion with ribbon rosesHaven’t given a go stitching ribbon roses yet? Here is a new project with the popular technique of spider web’s weaving! Create a beautiful cushion with variety of outstanding delicate roses, and no one will ever believe it that it was your fist piece in silk ribbon embroidery. The project is quick, easy, and absolutely suitable for beginners. Follow the link for a step-by-step guidance on how to make all the stitching.




Makeup bag with silk ribbon embroideryOne more free pattern with step-by-step guidance. This tree is made using a bunch of straight stitches with silk ribbon. You can use it to embellish your bag or an item of clothes. It’s also a quick project for beginners.



Ribbon embroidery - straight stitch ex

Finishing with a knot- silk ribbon embroidery (2)

Traditionally for those who just have started a journey to the world of silk ribbon embroidery, there are two new posts in our ‘How To’ series. Get to know how to make a straight stitch with silk ribbon and find out three methods of ending a stitch.

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