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Ribbon Stitch Tutorial with Silk Ribbons

Ribbon Stitch - Silk Ribbon Embroidery - Hearty CraftRibbon stitch is easily the most important stitch in silk ribbon embroidery. If you learn how to do it, it means you know almost everything there is to know about stitching with ribbon. The stitch is used in great many silk ribbon designs and patterns,  mainly for stitching petals and leaves. It is very hard to create a pattern without this stitch, so you can hardly find one. There are are slight variations of the technique if you need a pointed petal or a slanted leaf, but all of them use the same steps as for a regular ribbon stitch.  Here is a small tutorial on how to make a regular ribbon stitch with silk ribbon (click on the images to enlarge):
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Site News: New Projects and ‘How To’ Tips.

Have you been an holiday this summer yet? We have! That’s why there’s been a while after our last newsletter. But now we are back and proud to present you the new issue. Enjoy with our fresh silk ribbon embroidery tutorials, projects and tips!

More options in our web store. Now there’s no need to use a calculator to figure out ribbon and delivery cost in your currency. The website does all the menial job for you! If it doesn’t show your currency automatically, you can always switch it in a panel on the top right of the shop page. We support six currencies to start with, so now shopping is even easier!

Cushion with ribbon rosesHaven’t given a go stitching ribbon roses yet? Here is a new project with the popular technique of spider web’s weaving! Create a beautiful cushion with variety of outstanding delicate roses, and no one will ever believe it that it was your fist piece in silk ribbon embroidery. The project is quick, easy, and absolutely suitable for beginners. Follow the link for a step-by-step guidance on how to make all the stitching.



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How to End a Stitch in Silk Ribbon Embroidery

There are a few ways to end a stitch in silk ribbon embroidery. There aren’t any strict rules which method to use in any particular design or with any particular stitch, so you can pick out the one you like the most and stick just to it, or you can alter them whilst stitching. Some methods work only for narrow ribbons, so the options are quite limited with 13mm ribbons, but as for the most popular 4mm silk ribbon any method works. All in all, it’s a good idea to look through all the ways of ending stitches with silk ribbons, so you are fully armed with the basics.

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Tutorial: Cushion with Spider Web’s Roses

After I finished working on the first tutorial I just could not stop playing with spider web roses, so I ended up with another cushion! This time I arranged roses in a circle and added felt leaves among them to get the depth of a rose bush. I didn’t think twice about finishing, as my first cushion needed a pair. I followed my own steps by attaching strips of green fabric around the ribbon flowerbed and making the second cushion in similar style. This one is turned out more vivid and rich in colour, but they both make a perfect pair on my sofa. If you have been contemplating giving your sofa a fresh look, this could be a great pattern to start with because stitching the ribbon roses is quick, and sewing the cushion is even quicker!
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Stitching a Tree with Silk Ribbons

Earlier this week I posted a tutorial on how to make straight stitches with silk ribbon, but I think you would agree that nothing is more boring than practising a new technique without a pattern or even an idea of what you’re stitching. Personally, I hate the thought of polishing a skill if it don’t end up in a nice piece, which I can frame and proudly hang on the wall. So I came up with an idea of making a series of posts with small, nice designs, that will give you a hand in learning basics of the silk ribbon embroidery. These designs will be easy in making, which is handy, for example, if one needs a gift at short notice.

There already has been posts about stitching spider web roses and finishing the final piece in a cushion. Now here’s next tutorial for mastering the straight stitch. I am going to show how to embroider a tree with silk ribbons.

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