Straight Stitch Tutorial with Silk Ribbon

Straight stitch is very common technique in ribbon embroidery, and there is a good reason for it. It’s one of the basic stitches which is very easy to make. Once you get the idea, you can embroider flowers, leaves, shrubs, and trees. The photo below might give you an idea of what good use you can put straight stitch into. Note that even the flower middles are tiny straight stitches here.Ribbon embroidery - straight stitch exStraight stitch with ribbon is made in a similar way to a stitch with embroidery thread, but there are a few things you need to keep an eye for. The general sequence of steps for the stitch is shown below. You can click on images to take a closer look if needed.

Straight Stitch with Silk Ribbon - Step11. Thread a ribbon through a chenille needle (follow a tutorial for a needle-lock), then make a knot on the ribbon’s end. Bring the needle through to the front and then make it flat so it’s not twisted or creased. To do that, stretch the ribbon out holding it with a hand, and, using a spare thick needle held in your other hand, make stroking movements underneath the ribbon.

Straight Stitch with Silk Ribbon - Step22. Make your mind how long the straight stitch needs to be. Then pierce the fabric at the point where you want your straight stitch to end, and bring the needle back down.

Straight Stitch with Silk Ribbon - Step33. Pull the ribbon through the fabric very gently. While you’re pulling the ribbon it might get twisted on the front. To prevent that, hold a spare thick needle underneath the ribbon. This will also help you to guide the shape of the stitch whilst you are pulling.

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