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More options on our web store. Due to popular demand, we are now stocking shorter skeins of silk ribbon. Most colours are available in 3 or 5 meter long pieces. Regardless of the length all skeins are beautifully packed, which would make a perfect gift for your crafting friends!

Cushion with Silk Ribbon Roses tutorial - FinishedWe’ve completed the series of tutorials covering this lovely cushion project that would be accessible even for absolute beginners. All you need is some silk ribbon, couple of needles, and fabric. Thanks to the work being quick and easy, it could be perfect project for a weekend.

The tutorial consists of two parts. Part one covers embroidery on the front, and the second part is about sewing the cushion itself. If you don’t fancy the idea of making a cushion, the embroidery piece would also look fabulous on a bag or if finished as a hoop-art.

Threading the needle with ribbonFor those who just have started a journey to the world of silk ribbon embroidery, there are two new posts in our ‘How To’ series. Get to know which needles to choose and how it affects your stitching and find out how to tackle the ribbon-sliding-off-the-needle-eye problem.

Vintage  HeartIf you like to stitch, but never thought about adding ribbon flowers to your stitching work, here is a piece for inspiration. Sometimes, adding just one ribbon rose, like I did in this vintage heart, gives absolutely stunning piece! If you are not sure how to create such a rose, look no further than our tutorial! We would be delighted to take a sneak peek on you craft pieces with silk ribbons. Share your ideas about how you use silk ribbons, or just send us a photo to

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