Silk Ribbon Embroidery. How to thread a needle.

Today I wanted to share one simple but very handy hint about stitching with silk ribbon, that is how to thread a needle.

If you’ve already started making your first stitches, you might’ve spotted that silk ribbons are very slippery and are always trying to escape from needle’s eye, which can be very annoying! Good news that there is a smart way to tackle that little maddening thing! You can take a sneak peak at the image below, I’m going to show you how to do it in a minute.Threading the needle with ribbonYou need a silk ribbon and a chenille needle (in case you’ve missed it, I wrote about right needles for ribbon embroidery and why you need them earlier this month). The steps are very simple to follow:

I love this technique as it also helps to save some ribbon. Since the the ribbon is securely held in place, it is not getting damaged by constant rubbing against needle eye whilst you are stitching, so you can use a length of the ribbon entirely up to its end. If you threaded the ribbon in a regular way, as you would normally do with embroidery floss for example, it wears out very quickly and you end up throwing away a considerable piece. And of course, locking the ribbon into the needle eye saves not only the ribbon, but your time and nerves as well. Keep calm and stitch on!

That’s all for today, and if you’ve run out of ribbons, don’t forget to visit our shop. Good news for those who wanted to get smaller lengths, we’ve got silk ribbons in 3 meter skeins as well for almost every colour now!

Beautiful silk ribbons

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  2. Henrietta V Jonas

    Thank you for the instructive pictures and descriptions. I teach ribbon embroidery and recommend your website to my students. Again THANK YOU!!!

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