Site News: New silk ribbon in May

Hello stitching friends! It is summer here (almost) and we just wanted to let you know that there were new ribbon colours added to our shop in May!

The main news is that we’ve changed the suppler of undyed ribbon recently, and the new ribbon we dye look slightly different. It is a bit more delicate and also a fraction of millimeter narrower that the old. As the old ribbon have not been sold out completely yet and we have some of it left in stock, you might still come across it when ordering particular colours. Rest assured, both old and new ribbon are equally good quality 100% silk.

Unfortunately, we had to rise prices on our ribbon that we sell on Etsy. As you may know each seller there must pay a fee for all listings and sold items, so it is tricky to have the same price on Etsy and on our own website. The good news is that on our website all the prices are the same as they were. That is each 5 meters/5.46 yds skein is £0.20 / €0.25 / $0.33 cheaper than on Etsy. Bargain!

That aside, last month we added new nine absolutely fantastic colours in 4mm width on our website. Check out the images below.

Lavender, Lilac, and Dusty Blue

Cherry Pink, Auburn, and Bordeaux

Yellow Sun, Marigold, and Deep Orange

Dark Spring Green, LawnMantis, and Pale Yellow in 4mm width are now back in stock.

Forest and Pine are also now available in 4mm width.

Finally, we have got new 7mm wide ribbon – Auburn, Watercolour Hyacinth, and Watercolour Baby Pink

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