Site News: Forget-me-not tutorial and new silk ribbon

Do you feel like stitching a Forget-me-not?

I itched to stitch Forget-me-nots while they were in bloom. I wanted to capture them so badly that I constantly made sketches of them, kept thinking how to add them to new embroideries I was working on and, of course, I  took lots and lots of photos of them.  And as soon as I’ve got a new blue ribbon I’ve stitched a tiny delicate sprig of those lovely flowers. The ribbon shade makes the flower look like a real thing, so I feel sort of satisfaction and it is now less itchy 🙂  Now I’m keen on stitching a Forget-me-not posy or maybe a wreath.It took me only fifteen minutes to stitch the whole flower. I worked five straight stitches 3mm long to create petals for each flower and then I made a French knot in the middle of it, wrapping the ribbon around the needle only once.  I made the stem twisting the ribbon tightly and working a long straight stitch with that twisted ribbon. I passed it under the petals without piercing the fabric. Then I stitched the buds on the very end of the stem with French knots and blue and lilac ribbon.

I used following 4mm wide silk ribbons:
Stem – Dark Spring Green
Petals – Forget-me-not
Middles of the flowers – Yellow Sun
Buds – Forget-me-not, Lilac


More good news! There are ten new ribbons of 4mm width on the website. Check out the images below.
Forget-me-not, Morning Glory, and Bluebell

Love-in-a-Mist, Sea Blue, and Virginia Bluebell

Salmon, Russet, Pastel Green, and Spruce

We’ve also got new 7mm wide ribbon – Bluebell and Teal Green

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