Site News: Happy Easter Booklet and New Ribbon Colours

Spring came early and is going to be around for quite some time. To celebrate the spring we are sharing some wonderful news. We have a new Easter booklet and new cheerful colours of hand-dyed silk ribbon in our range!

The Happy Easter embroidery booklet was showcased with a great success on The Spring Knitting and Stitching Show couple of weeks ago. Now it is finally available on the website!

As usual with our booklets inside you will find step-by-step embroidery guide. Even though it does have twelve different stitches, the work is totally suitable for beginners, thanks to very detailed instructions. If you managed a cross stitch kit (or at least half of it), this little festive carrot is surely within your reach!

We always looking to add new colours to our range of hand-painted silk ribbon. We have spent many hours trying to find these great natural-looking shades for your lovely ribbon embroidery pieces. Have a quick glimpse below, but mind you there is more. Check out the entire range in the Ribbon section on our website.


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